We're Roots,
Nice to Meet You

Founded in Toronto in 1973, and inspired by the nearby wilderness of Algonquin Park, we value the human nature that drives us, as well as the physical nature that restores us. We combine the best of cabin-life and city-life so you can be yourself no matter where you are. Our goal is to help you find balance and reconnect with your true nature.

Made for Your Everyday

Inspired by our early beginnings, we’re recognized globally for our quality products from leather goods to leisure wear. With products that embody a comfortable cabin-meets-city style, Roots gear allows you to be ready for your everyday, no matter where you’re headed next.

Our Roots

Our founders, Michael Budman and Don Green, met at summer camp in Algonquin Park. These two city kids fell in love with Canada’s natural beauty and the genuine values of its people. Inspired by their experience of traveling into the heart of the Canadian wilderness, they created Roots in 1973. Since then, Roots has grown to be recognized all over the world for comfort, style, and authentic heritage.

“It was a twelve-hour trip by train, bus and boat to Camp Tamakwa in the heart of Canada’s wilderness that would change everything.”

Founders, Budman & Green

Roots founders Don Green and Michael Budman

The Beaver

While we value individuality and a strongly grounded sense of self, we also value togetherness – being a part of something bigger than ourselves. The beaver is emblematic of qualities we admire in true community-builders: they are resourceful and industrious. We believe in always working to make our communities a better place. Since the very beginning, the beaver has served as our beloved icon and an expression of our love for nature.

Sketch by Heather Cooper, one of the artists behind our Cooper Beaver logo.

Our Iconic Products

Craftsmanship is in Our Nature

Located in Toronto, our leather factory has been operated by generations of family craftspeople since its doors first opened in 1973. Our skilled team of leather artisans are the backbone of our leather products, with each of our leather bags passing through the hands of more than 10 expert artisans at our factory, to you. Today, our leather bags, jackets and select accessories continue to be handcrafted right here at home and shipped around the globe.

“From the beginning, our Dad instilled in us what it takes to be a craftsman. This is more than a job, it’s a family tradition.”

Karl & Stanley Kowalewski

Karl and Stanley Kowalewski at the Roots leather factory in Toronto

Born in Canada,
Loved Worldwide

From our humble beginnings – the spark of an idea first conceived in a small cabin in Algonquin Park – Roots is now known around the world. Our clothing, leather goods and footwear are worn and loved by millions. We have over 120 stores across North America, more than 150 internationally, and we offer online shipping to over 70 countries. You can always find Roots, no matter where you are.