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Roots Vendor Code of Conduct

We are makers ourselves, starting with our leather factory 50 years ago and we possess a profound understanding of the significance of the welfare and wellbeing for the individuals who make our products. At Roots, our approach to ensuring a responsible supply chain is firmly anchored in the principles and standards established by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), renowned for its collaborative yet rigorous process that holds companies accountable for their commitments to labor rights.

Guided by the Roots Vendor Code of Conduct and the Roots Vendor Code of Conduct Supplemental Expectations, Roots engages in continuous monitoring, capacity building, and maintains a resolute commitment to ongoing improvement. Our “Code” and “Supplemental Expectations” adhere to FLA standards, and we actively collaborate with our vendors to not only meet but surpass these rigorous global guidelines.

While we do not have direct ownership of every facility in which we operate, our approach and initiatives are designed to be pragmatic and executable by responsible vendors and members of our supply chain to ensure the systemic improvement to working conditions for thousands of individuals.

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