Perfecting Sweats
Since 1979

For over 40 years our world-famous comfort has come from a passion and dedication to quality craftsmanship and lasting style.

Our Roots

Since the time our Co-founders sold their first pair of negative heel shoes in 1973, comfort and quality have been a core part of Roots. That focus continued when they introduced our very first sweats in 1979 and remains integral to every product we sell more than four decades later.

Making the Perfect

All of our sweats are born from soft, high-quality yarns. A unique blended cotton knit creates the much-loved look and comfortable feel of our exclusive fleece. Engineered to have a soft cotton surface with a comfortable interior. Once the fabric is made, it’s washed and brushed for added softness, leaving that lasting, cozy feeling.

World Famous

Our sweats are loved and worn by the best athletes, celebrities, authors, musicians, and students looking for comfort and style around the world.

Salt & Pepper Is
Our Favourite Colour

Our signature Salt & Pepper sweats were the original created in 1979. The two colour twisted and textured yarn has been specially engineered to have a cotton surface with a cozy and comfortable interior.


Sweatpant Fit Guide

Looking for the perfect pair of sweats? Explore our styles to find your favourite fit of sweatpants.