The TUFF Boot

The TUFF Boot

The Reboot

We're going back to our Roots, with a fresh reboot of our most iconic styles. Meet the TUFF Boot, a Roots classic, designed with a durable Italian waterproof leather upper and rubber lugged outsole to protect your feet when it's cool outside or inside.

Designed in Canada, the way we feel about making Roots footwear has a lot to do with how you'll feel wearing them.

Feature #1

Everyday Footwear

Crafted from high-quality materials, we have designed this lighter-weight boot that seamlessly blends rugged style with contemporary comfort.

Everyday Footwear

  1. Half Bellows Tongue

    Tongue is attached to the sides of the eyelet facing to eliminate water intrusion and increase water resistance of the boot.

  2. Padded Collar

    The padded collar around the top of the boot ensures a comfortable edge against your leg.

  3. Metal Eyelets

    Metal eyelets make for fast, frictionless boots lacing and easy tightening and adjusting for fit.

  4. Italian Waterproof Leather

    Our Italian full-grain leather is strong and durable, with a smooth finish and soft hand. Waterproof up to 15,000 flex cycles, the leather is robust and keeps your feet dry.

  5. Natural Rubber Outsole

    Offers better grip and slip resistance than other outsole materials on any surface — wet, muddy, or dry.

  6. Leather Lining

    Leather linings are soft, comfortable, and durable, providing excellent breathability and moisture absorption while regulating the moisture balance inside the shoe.

  7. Lugged Outsole

    Designed for maximum traction on varied terrains. Raised channels in the outsole create siping action, pushing water, mud, and wetness to the edges of the boot for improved grip.

Original TUFF Boot Ad, 1993.

Our Grunge Era

The TUFF Boot was inspired by the 80s in all its grunge glory. We wanted to design a boot that was tough — hence the name.

Drawing inspiration from industrial safety footwear, it introduced a unique yellow and black label, combining both protective functionality and fashionable design.

Feature #1