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Power Onesie


August 15, 2023

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I’ve been selling real estate for 16 years. It used to be that you’d get dressed up on Offer Night. It was a very professional evening when you’d show up at your client’s house to go through offers from potential buyers.

In 2020, that all changed. Since I was working from home, I didn’t need to dress in my professional gear. During that time, it got really busy. Offer Nights might have happened once a month beforehand but now they were happening once a week.

My fiancé had given me a Roots onesie for Mother’s Day and I’d worn it here and there. But during COVID, since I wasn’t going into work, I could be completely comfortable and I started wearing it during Offer Nights. And I started making a lot of money – homes were going for one hundred or one hundred and fifty thousand dollars over asking price!

"It became my good luck onesie, my power suit."

- Tina Goldrick

Offer Nights haven’t returned to what they were pre-COVID. I’m still working from home. In the evening, I’ll put on my onesie, pour myself a glass of red wine, sit down at my kitchen island with my laptop and my phone, and get on Skype or Facetime with my clients to go through offers that have come in.

When my kids see me in my onesie, they’ll joke, “Is it onesie o’clock?” They know it’s an offer night. I won’t do a deal without my onesie. My business partner knows that. My clients know that. My kids know that. They all know I only sell real estate in this Roots onesie.