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Never Forget Your Roots

Artrell Van Even

August 15, 2023

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I’m 12 years old and when my older brother, Isaiah, who is 24, came to visit me in Detroit, I told him I liked the sweatpants he was wearing. He was like, “Bro, you can have them.” He took them off right there and gave them to me.

I wear these sweatpants everywhere: To school, a friend’s house, church, my uncle’s 40th birthday party.

“Whenever I wear them, I know something good is about to happen. They’re my good luck charm.”

- Artrell Van Even

Sometimes my friends tease me. They’ll say, “You’re wearing those pants again?” And I always say, “I’m going back to my Roots.” And I mean it. I was born in Canada and lived there until I moved to the U.S. when I was six years old.

It’s most important that I wear these sweatpants to basketball practice and to my games I’m ranked 63rd nationally in my age group and 8th in Michigan. My plan is to play in the NBA. When I do, I swear I’ll still be rocking these Roots.