E-Gift Cards
Send an eCard right to your recipient's inbox. Redeemable online and in-store in Canada.

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Is this gift for someone living at a US or International location?

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Gift Cards
This sure-to-please gift can be redeemed in-store and online in Canada. Please note you will be charged an additional $4.50 for a courier fee.

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Is this gift for someone living at a US or International location?

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Where can I buy a gift card?
Visit any of our Roots or Roots 73 locations across Canada or the U.S. to purchase a gift card. Or, visit roots.com to purchase either a gift card or eCard. If shopping from your mobile device, you will only be able to purchase an eCard.

What is the difference between an eCard and a plastic Gift Card?
Roots eCards are digital gift cards that are emailed directly to the gift recipient. While plastic gift cards are mailed to the recipient, both can be used on roots.com and Roots store locations.

Is there a gift card purchase minimum?
Yes, there is a minimum denomination of $20.

Do I have to pay shipping for my gift card?
Yes. Regular shipping is $4.50 and express shipping is $9.99. Alternatively, you can choose to send an eCard.

I received a gift card several months ago but it says it’s only valid in-store. Why can’t I use this at roots.com?
You can! All old gift cards, regardless of purchase date, can now be redeemed online as long as they still hold a balance. Paper gift certificates can only be redeemed in-store.

How do I check the balance of my gift card?
Please refer to the 'check gift card balance' found at the bottom of the page under gift cards or click here.

My gift card doesn’t cover the entire cost of the item I want. Can I pay the rest of the amount with my credit card?
Yes! You can use a second method of payment to complete the purchase, excluding PayPal. At this time, you can use up to five gift cards to complete a purchase. and balances cannot be transferred from one gift card to another.

I have a Canadian eCard. Can I use this on roots.com/us?
eCards purchased on canada.roots.com can only be used on Canadian shipments. Likewise, eCards purchased on usa.roots.com can only be used on US or International shipments. Please purchase the eCard based off the recipient’s shipping location.

I am trying to buy a gift card/eCard online, but having issues. Who can help me?
Please call Customer Support: 1-888-783-0552 or email roots@buyatab.com

I received a Roots gift card/eCard as a gift, but I don’t want it. Can I return it?
All gift cards and eCards are final sale.

What if I want to return an item purchased with a gift card?
For customers located within Canada the credit will be re-issued to you with a new plastic gift card. If you’re an International or US customer the credit will be re-issued to you as an eCard.