The Sport Root

Natural Footwear

Inspired by the shoe that started it all in 1973, the Sport Root is an updated version of our negative heel. Now made with a customizable insole system that can be adapted to your preferred comfort, making it a perfect fit for everyone.

Instead of a heel to lift you up and tilt you forward, you’ll find a one-piece base to plant you firmly in touch with Mother Earth. Our Roots bring a good, natural feeling to man’s somewhat unnatural custom of treading hard floors and city sidewalks. Designed in Canada and made in Portugal, the way we feel about making Roots has a lot to do with the way you’ll feel wearing them.

Feature #1

The Sole for Everyone

Instead of a heel to lift you up and tilt you forward, you'll find a one-piece base to plant you firmly in touch with Mother Earth.

The neutral position insole is inside the shoes to start, bringing your foot to a level position. The positive insole slightly elevates the heel, which more closely follows what we experience in typical shoes these days. Remove the insole entirely for a true negative heel experience. Our insoles are made with sustainability and comfort in mind. Made with recycled EVA foam and natural cork, they're molded to provide a secure and supported foot position.

Feature #2

City Feet Need Roots

Our Sport Root shoes are designed with a negative heel position. Walk on sand, and your heel will leave the deepest part of your footprint. In natural walking, most of your weight lands on your heel. Conventional shoes tilt you forward and change your basic posture. If you remove the insoles of the Sport Root, your heel will sink slightly into a comfortable recess, alleviating pressure on the forefoot.

Feature #3

Our First Steps

To see the idea behind the Sport Root, take a side view of the shoe.

Our First Steps

  1. Italian Nappa Leather

    Made in Italy, this leather undergoes a unique tanning process that results in a soft, more pliable material. Our leather is waterproof, full grain, drum dyed, and milled in a natural aniline finish.

  2. Leather Lining

    Leather linings are soft, comfortable, and durable, providing excellent breathability and moisture absorption while regulating the moisture balance inside the shoe.

  3. Organic Cotton Laces

    Round waxed organic cotton laces are biodegradable, and the waxed surface helps them stay tied.

  4. Padded Ankle Support

    Ankle padding softens the edges around the ankle, increasing comfort.

  5. Natural Rubber Outsole

    Offers better grip and slip resistance than other outsole materials on any surface — wet, muddy, or dry.

  6. Ribbed Outsole Tread

    The bottom tread of the Sport Root outsole is a nod to the original outsole from 1973, made up of ribs that result in a comfortable and pliable walking experience.

  7. Rocker

    In a natural stride, weight moves from the heel, along the outside of the foot, then diagonally across to the big toe, springing you to your next step. Our toe rocker helps shift this weight easily.