Business to Business

Away from the spotlight of retail stores, the Roots Business-to-Business (B2B) Department creates custom-made products for a wide-range of clients including high-profile names in the world of sports and entertainment along with Fortune 500 companies.

Roots B2B specializes in creating co-­branded custom made Roots genuine leather products for the unique needs of companies, films/producers, music tours, teams and other organizations ranging from employee sales incentives to appreciation and VIP gifts.

The Roots B2B Department excels in applying other organization’s branding to a wide variety of custom made Roots genuine leather goods ranging from jackets and bags to office and travel accessories.

In recent years, Roots B2B has worked with film festivals, production companies, concert promoters, and sports teams. Clients include the NHL, NHLPA, David Suzuki Foundation, the Tonight Show, Rogers, Mazda, Russell Crowe and his professional rugby team, U2, Eagles, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Indigo Books and Music, Audi Canada and the Wayne Gretzky Foundation, to name a few.

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