I placed an order online. When will I receive it?
If shipping to Canada or the U.S click here for delivery times.
For International orders, delivery is dependant on customs in your country. Orders can take anywhere from seven days to three weeks to be delivered.
Click here to learn more about International shipments.
Click here to track your order.
Why do I see multiple charges on my credit card?
When you place an order, we retain a preauthorization for the full amount on your credit card (plus an additional dollar) until the items are shipped. When an item is shipped, your credit card is formally charged for the exact total amount on your order. Preauthorization is retained on any outstanding items on your order. An "Order has Shipped" email will be sent to the email address you provide when a payment is processed and items have shipped.

Example: If your order total is $134 your credit card will hold a preauthorization for $135. In this scenario, once your order ships, the preauthorization for $135 is dropped and your credit card will be charged the order total $134.
I purchased an item that is back ordered. When will I be charged for the item?
You will only be charged for the item when your order is packed and waiting to be delivered to you.
The item I want is sold out on Who do I contact to purchase this?
If there is a specific item you are looking for, please feel free to contact your nearest Roots store and they will be happy to confirm if the item you are seeking is still available in any of our store locations.
What other countries, besides Canada and the U.S., does ship to?
We currently ship to over 50 countries worldwide. For Canadian and applicable International addresses, please visit For orders being shipped to the U.S., please visit
I recently purchased something from How do I track my order?
You may visit to track your order in two ways:
1. Login to your account to view your order history. When you see the order you'd like to track, click on it and follow the instructions.

2. By using the order number you received at the time you placed your order, you may use the order tracker link.
I see on the checkout page a place to put a promotional code. How do I get these?
Promotional codes and coupons are occasionally given out through our Roots Insider emails. You can sign-up to receive these here. We also often have special promotions for Facebook fans and our Twitter followers. For more information on promotional codes, click here.
I just placed my order but need to make a change. How can I do this?
Unfortunately orders cannot be changed or cancelled after being confirmed. Please double check your order before completing your purchase.
Can I cancel my order?
Orders cannot be cancelled or changed after being placed.
I think I placed an order on a fraudulent site.
If you are concerned about the authenticity of an order you have placed recently, please click here for more information.

Roots Product

Does Roots guarantee its products?
We stand behind our Roots motto: Quality, Integrity, and Longevity. If you're in any way dissatisfied with your Roots purchase, please refer to our Exchange and Return Policy for your options.
Where does Roots make its products?
All of our clothing is designed at our World Headquarters Office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Once the item is designed we source out the best manufacturers around the world who must comply with our stringent Code of Conduct to manufacture Roots goods to our demanding specifications. Additionally, most of our leather goods are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in Toronto.
Where can I order a Roots catalogue?
Currently we do not produce a merchandise catalogue for ordering. The best way to view new products we currently carry is to visit

Roots Leather

I just bought a Roots leather bag/jacket. Are there any special care instructions that I should follow?
The care and maintenance for your leather will depend on the type of leather purchased. Please feel free to refer to our Roots Genuine Leather Care section, contact your nearest Roots store, or phone Customer Support at 1-888-30-ROOTS for any inquiries about the type of leather you have.
How often should I care for my leather?
Please view our Genuine Leather and Care Instructions for information on how to treat and care for your leather.
What should I do if my untreated leather or suede gets wet?
First, use an absorbent cloth to blot away the excess moisture. Then, remove anything from the pockets and hang the garment on a well-padded hanger. Let it dry at room temperature. Never put your leather garments in the dryer or hang over a radiator. Once dry, brush suede items with a suede brush to raise the nap. For leather garments, use a water-based conditioning lotion and a soft cloth to revitalize the finish. If the water leaves a mark, contact Customer Support at 1-888-30-ROOTS and we will help you to find a specialist in your area to help you treat your garment.
Does Roots carry a warranty on its leather?
As a leather manufacturer, we stand behind our product. Roots will repair any stitching repairs free of charge for a period of one year from date of purchase. Any additional repairs will be done whenever possible for a minimum charge.
I've heard that Roots custom makes leather bags/jackets for their customers. How do I place a special order?
Special orders can be made by visiting your nearest Roots location. At this time, the sales associates will assist you in selecting the bag style, type of leather, stitching and hardware preference for your custom bag. Please note that special orders are paid for in advance and take 4-6 weeks to complete. Due to the unique nature of special orders, they are final sale and there are no refunds.
My Roots leather item is in need of a repair. Where can I take it to be serviced? How much will it cost?
Please feel free to visit your nearest Roots store and they will assist you with sending your leather item to our Leather Factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the requested repairs.

Roots Policies

Where can I find the Roots Return Policy?
Our Exchange and Return Policy can be found in our here.
What is Roots Price Adjustment Policy?
Our Price Adjustment Policy can be found in our Customer Care section of the website.
What is your Privacy Policy?
Your privacy is of the utmost concern to us. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Gift Cards

What if I lose my gift card or it is stolen?
Please treat all gift cards as you would cash. Roots is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.
Where can I buy a gift card?
Visit any of our Roots locations across Canada or the U.S. to purchase a gift card. Or, visit to purchase either an eCard.
What is the difference between an eCard and a plastic Gift Card?
Roots eCards are digital gift cards that are emailed directly to the gift recipient while plastic gift cards can only be purchased in-store. Both can be used in-store and online at
Is there a gift card purchase minimum?
Yes, there is a minimum denomination of $10 for eCards and $5 for plastic gift cards.
How do I check the balance of my gift card? What if I have an eCard?
To check the balance of your gift card or eCard click here.
My gift card doesn’t cover the entire cost of the item I want. Can I pay the rest of the amount with my credit card?
Yes! You can use a second method of payment to complete the purchase, excluding PayPal. At this time, you can use up to five gift cars to complete a purchase. Balances cannot be transferred from one gift card to another.
I am trying to buy an eCard online, but having issues. Who can help me?
Please call Customer Support: 1-888-783-0552 or email
I received a Roots gift card/eCard as a gift, but I don’t want it. Can I return it?
All gift cards and eCards are final sale.
What if I want to return an item purchased with a gift card?
Items returned online to our warehouse will be re-issued to you as a new eCard and emailed to the email address used at time of purchase. Items returned in-store will be re-issued to you on a new plastic gift card.

Business to Business

I would like to have Roots products made with my company logo. How do I custom order these items?
Our Corporate Sales Department would be happy to help. They may be reached at 416-781-3574 x4327 or 1-866-297-6687 or by email at:

Contact Us

I am a member of the press and would like more information about Roots. Who do I contact?
For more information, please direct your questions to Elyse Goody, Manager of PR and Giving:
I would like to work for Roots. Where can I send my resume?
You can find more information about working for Roots in the Career Opportunities section. All resumes can be sent to
Where is Roots located?
Roots stores can be found mostly in Canada. We also have stores in the U.S., Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan. To find the store closest to you please use our Store Locator.

Our World Headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Roots Canada
1400 Castlefield Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
M6B 4C4