Quality craftsmanship is at the core of everything we do. For over 40 years, we have been devoted to creating the world’s most comfortable and long-lasting sweats — from the moment you slip them on, you feel like you’ve worn them forever.

From style influencers to international celebrities to families alike, our sweats are worn around the world with shipping to over 73 countries across the globe.

Our sweats are made for you to be yourself and to express your sense of style; to feel comfortable and confident from the very first time you try them on.

Making our Sweats World Famous

When our co-founders Michael Budman and Don Green set out to create the first Roots sweats, they started an evolution that turned an athletic essential into an icon that celebrates the Canadian lifestyle. We continue to build on what our founders began over 40 years ago; making these iconic styles a wardrobe staple. Today, when you think of Roots, you think of sweats. From our commitment to durability to innovations in design, our sweats are no ordinary sweats – they are World Famous.

Craftsmanship & Functionality

All of our sweats start with high-quality yarns. A unique blended cotton knit creates the much-loved look and feel of our exclusive fleece. Once the fabric is made, it’s washed and brushed for added softness. Brushing the fabric loosens the underside of the knit, leaving that lasting, cozy feeling.

Comfort & Versatility

When it comes to our sweats, we’re all about the details. Starting with a fit that we’ve perfected over time, so that every piece feels like it’s been made just for you. We have continued to innovate our original designs, adding years to their lifetime. Our sweatpants feature seam-free sides for softer wear, while rib trims on our sweatshirts add durability. Iconic finishes like our Cooper Beaver complete our signature sweat look.

The Cooper Beaver

In the summer of 1973 with plans to open a new shoe store in the heart of Toronto, Michael and Don needed to find the perfect name for their new business. The word 'roots' was found by Don in a biology textbook. The name Roots inspired the first Cooper Beaver artwork that was created by Canadian designers Heather Cooper and Robert Burns. Today, the Cooper Beaver and Roots name in bold, Cooper font continue to be an instantly recognizable and time-honoured feature of our iconic sweats.

Roots Salt & PepperTM

A Roots signature that somehow goes with everything you own. First designed in 1979, this ultra-soft fleece is made with a special knit that’s exclusively ours. Often imitated but never replicated, our Salt & Pepper has a one-of-a-kind look that cannot be recreated.