Locally sourced and made by hand, Prairie Boys Supply Co. barber goods are the only grooming kit you will need for your lumberjack beard. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, boyhood friends and business partners Chris McPhee and Jason Ritchie have spent thousands of hours perfecting their beard oils and balms so that you can get your whiskers just right.
How do you care for a beard? Every beard is different, and requires a unique routine. The secret to a healthy beard is to keep it moisturized and hydrated with a combination of premium beard balm and oil. Don't be afraid to comb your beard – a little massage goes a long way! And finally, be patient. A great beard comes with proper love, care, and time.
How are your products made? Chris worked tirelessly to develop a signature scent and texture for our products. Together, we field-tested the products until they were perfected. Every batch is made by hand, with love and incredible attention to detail. Our beard care products have a signature scent that is both earthy and masculine; a blend of five organic essential oils. The oils are designed to condition and strengthen hair as well as tone your skin. Our line cares for any stage of facial hair from early growth to the thickest of mature beards.
What makes your product so exceptional? We don't believe in artificial fragrances or perfumes. There are a lot of beard care products on the market with below average ingredients (petroleum and mineral oil). Our beard care recipes are timeless and made with premium ingredients [Argan and Camelia Oil]. We want our customers to experience the benefits of high quality ingredients.