On Our Journey

Meet Joe and Jelena, the couple featured in our new spring collection. He’s a former OHL Canadian hockey player travelling the world and she is a blogger/influencer with a passion for healthy living. Together, we headed out of office and hit the road to explore new horizons.

Meet Joe and Jelena

Where are you from?

Joe: I am from Creemore Ontario, a couple hours north of Toronto.

Jelena: I was born in Germany, but spent my childhood in Croatia—most of my family still lives there.

How did you meet?

Jelena: We met at a music festival in Cape Town called “Love & Light”. It was an unforgettable day and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

What are your must-haves when travelling?

Joe: Noise-cancelling headphones! Second would be our camera and drone; we love to capture our travels and share our adventures.

We know you as successful models and influencers, but what are some of your passions?

Joe: Coming from the small town of Creemore, I grew up playing competitive hockey all over Ontario. I was lucky enough to be drafted into the OHL and spent a lot of time on the road. This really started my love of travelling. As I visited new cities I discovered my passion for landscape photography. I love creating content and sharing the adventures.

Jelena: Cooking and creating healthy recipes truly makes me happy. And I love spoiling someone with my treats ;) I have a food blog that I haven’t had much time for lately, but it is a side project I am passionate about. Besides that I love to dance, paint and, of course, travel!

Where do you live right now?

Joe: We live in New York City. We love this city!

Perfect day in NYC?

Jelena: The perfect day in NY would be morning walks with our puppy followed by a big breakfast in the sun. In the afternoon, we’d meet with friends and stroll through Soho, then cook dinner at our place and watch the sunset from our roof - it’s our favourite way to end the day.

Bucket list place to travel to in 2018?

Joe: We’ve always wanted to explore Tokyo and Sydney.

What has been your favourite place you have visited together?

Jelena: The Bahamas! Exuma is just surreal. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. It’s the perfect place to reset and refresh.

You both seem to enjoy nature and the outdoors, what are some of your favourite outdoor activities?

Jelena: We love to hike and get outside whenever we can. Joe’s favourite way to explore a new town or city is to get outside and run the streets or trails.

Joe, what does being Canadian mean to you?

I am always proud to be Canadian. I love that no matter where I am in the world being Canadian is so respected. Growing up in Canada taught me to be honest, genuine and most of all compassionate.

Jelena, what is your favourite place in Canada?

Right now, my favourite place in Canada would have to be Toronto. It’s such a big, clean city and the people are so friendly. Canada is huge and there are so many places that I’ve unfortunately only seen in photos! I can’t wait to explore Banff and the Maritimes!