Each of our handcrafted leather bags
passes through the hands of no less
than 40 expert artisans at our
Toronto factory, to you.
Learn more about our history of being
makers by meeting just a few of the
craftsmen behind our leather collections.
Sample Maker: Jackets
18 years with
Roots Canada

"The quality of leather we
have here is amazing.
When I see someone
wearing a product I
know I made...it is an
incredible feeling."

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Leather Product
Development: Jackets
1 year with Roots Canada

"We have an incredible
team of craftsmen and
women; people who are
experts in their field,
people who work with
their hands. We don't do
a lot of automation here
and it allows us to work
on the finer details."

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Leather Cutter: Handbags
21 years with Roots Canada

"After so many years
working with leather, you
get to know the product.
You know where you
should cut and what
direction the skin should
go in - that knowledge
comes with experience."

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Sample Maker: Handbags
14 years with Roots Canada

"I learned how to sew
from my father when I
was ten. He was a tailor in
Vietnam, but I always
wanted to be a fashion
designer. Now I get to
work in Canada and
create beautiful bags."

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The Business Bag


Customer Service:
Repairs & Restorations
21 years with Roots Canada

"Customers are so happy
with the repairs we do
here, they send us letters
of gratitude. I like to keep
the letters and pin them
up on my wall - it reminds
me of the good work we
do here, and how happy
we can make someone."

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